Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

I had a lot of fun making both of these cards, they're very cute and could work well for any number of occasions: 'thinking of you', 'miss you', 'good luck on your hunting trip'... get creative!

Forest card with red deer: made with recycled materials, 8 1/2 by 5 1/2, this whimsical backdrop is embellished with a layered cardstock sticker.

Forest card with blue deer: made with recycled materials, 8 1/2 by 5 1/2, this fun striped is enhanced with a layered sticker of a deer and porcupine.

$3.35 per card + s/h
Envelope on request


Valinda said...

That is so adorable I maybe want her to do one for me. - George What have you got in the way of Christmas? Something I can order 50 of with navy blue and maybe snow in the theme?

Canada Guy said...

Forests fires are a natural event. They are beneficial for forests and help to create a diversity of ecosystems. The traditional approach of fighting all fires without reservation has been wrong and misguided. It damages the environment, costs more, and risks more lives. Fortunately many scientists and fire fighters are now changing their approach. Smokey Bear's time is over.